Some Testimonials for The Alexander in Education Foundation Course


"Developing Self Course, Bristol 2019
I had the great pleasure to attend Part 1 of this course
created and led by Judith Kleinman and Sue Merry.
It was very enjoyable and tremendously helpful.
The simplicity and power of Alexander work was
communicated clearly and playfully. This course is truly
beneficial for all Alexander teachers, whether one works
with children or not. Sue and Judith shared tried and
tested work with confidence, ease and generosity.
I feel much more encouraged and equipped to approach
work with children, teens, young adults and anyone!
I add that the literature accompanying the course is very
helpful and light to carry!
I look forward very much to Part 2 in February 2020
Thanks so much!
Deirdre Crean
Alexander Teacher

Michigan, USA and Ireland"

" I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in such an inspiring workshop, with such amazing and wonderful people. Sue and Judith are outstanding educators, generous and engaging, while also committed to enriching both the learning and teaching experiences. 
The workshop was developed and based on not only on what I consider to be the essence of the AT work, but also education in its broadest sense. 
Guiding and not instructing us, individually and as a group, they encouraged and created a space which cultivated active thinking, through the means of observation, self-observation and exploration. Providing us the means whereby, we were able to share and develop a wide spectrum of approaches and ideas for the education journey. 
In the end, there are no perfect formulas for day to day situations, inside or outside the classroom, but we can develop ways to adapt to different circumstances with creativity, generosity, ease, freedom and support at is fullest."
Diana Beatriz MSTAT
Developing Self Course, Bristol November 2019

"Thank you so much for your openness, for sharing all this amazing knowledge distilled over the years of your experience, and for the love you bring into this work! ....

Now, I apologize for the long text that follows, but I would like to share with you what happened  to  me after the workshop.
 On Monday, I had to babysit as usual 2 lovely girls aged 6&8. Being truly inspired by the weekend, I couldn't but put some of what you taught us into practice when the oldest one had to do her handwriting homework.
 I saw her, being bored to death, (as she is really clever and she just wanted to go and play), sitting on an adult chair on the dinning table, completely slouched, squeezed and with her head falling sideways on the table, doing of course a messy handwriting while squeezing the pencil.
As a friend, I acknowledged her tiredness and explained that it was not her fault as the table and chair were not helping her. So she was interested in experimenting on a better way. When she sat on the chair as if sitting on the floor having a pillow between her heels and sitting bones, her elbows came in a better angle with the table and she could be in balance. So then I told her that I would share a top secret with her, which was the checklist! And we spoke and felt the floating balloon head and the runny custard shoulders and she got it! 
Then I asked her to put hands on my chest and sense my breath while I demonstrated slouching and pulling down and when balanced and free and she exclaimed: oh! But you cannot breathe! And you are squeezing all that is inside you!
After that, I had to go check her sister in another room for a while. When I returned I was amazed from what I saw: there she was looking so beautiful, with an energy of calm but very lively quality, a free long neck and alert eyes. I looked at her handwriting: it was just perfect!
She finished it and said: Look, Roxani I don't know how I finished it so easy and feel I could even do more.
 I saw her again on Thursday and both her and her mother said to me that they cannot thank me enough because she won the handwriting prize she would have never expected. And she said it was what we did together that helped her.
So now gradually, we will practice the checklist in various activities.

I am so delighted, but mostly amazed by how quickly she responded! Oh yes, as you said, they are so close to the nature that there is no resistance if approached with a friendly attitude. How quickly being bored changed to real interest on how  to take care of herself. And above all, what a great experience having her listening hands on me! Thank you again Sue for showing me the way! Now my nannying work has a new purpose: to practice more and more.

Best wishes,

Roxani Garefalaki MSTAT 17th November 2017

"I took part in the first Alexander in Education Foundation Course 2016-2017 and can warmly recommend it! Sue and Judith have a wealth of experience of working with young people of all ages and working in different educational environments and are freely sharing it. 
   The course is very interactive and includes not only how one might work with a toddler or teenager but also how to approach a school, how to plan an inset day and how a curriculum might look like. 
   Of course the learning continues even after the course had ended, so it is very encouraging to become part of a supportive community of teachers who are working towards a common goal."
Regina Stratil MSTAT

"I just wanted to say how the work over the weekend has changed my thinking about the technique.
    Something, many things, clicked during the weekend but I think mainly it was the importance to find it for myself, to own it as Sue put it, to stop trying to use other people's language and to really say NO to the need to get it right!
   The fundamental change in thinking for me was not simply what is the Alexander technique but what it could be for that individual in order to move forward. It's so liberating to work in the present and every time I rediscover it, it's a revelation!"

Ellie Rouse MSTAT


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