Some Testimonials for The Alexander in Education Foundation Course

"I took part in the first Alexander in Education Foundation Course 2016-2017 and can warmly recommend it! Sue and Judith have a wealth of experience of working with young people of all ages and working in different educational environments and are freely sharing it. 
   The course is very interactive and includes not only how one might work with a toddler or teenager but also how to approach a school, how to plan an inset day and how a curriculum might look like. 
   Of course the learning continues even after the course had ended, so it is very encouraging to become part of a supportive community of teachers who are working towards a common goal."
Regina Stratil MSTAT

"I just wanted to say how the work over the weekend has changed my thinking about the technique.
    Something, many things, clicked during the weekend but I think mainly it was the importance to find it for myself, to own it as Sue put it, to stop trying to use other people's language and to really say NO to the need to get it right!
   The fundamental change in thinking for me was not simply what is the Alexander technique but what it could be for that individual in order to move forward. It's so liberating to work in the present and every time I rediscover it, it's a revelation!"

Ellie Rouse MSTAT


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